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Photovoltaic power plant management

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Irradiance & power forecasts for optimizing photovoltaic plants management



Solar radiation and energy production forecasting for photovoltaic plants

CALIBSUN's expertise in photovoltaics allows for the provision of solar radiation forecasts (GHI, GTI) and energy production forecasts in kWh that can be directly used by photovoltaic plant operators. Solar radiation forecasts, directly related to meteorology, are converted by taking into account all relevant factors influencing the energy yield of solar panels. Indeed, NEXT Advanced provides production information that incorporates multiple factors: technologies used, orientation, tracker system, site data collected by a real-time Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system: temperature, soiling, pollution, overall plant operation, and more. 

Monitoring systems & EMS

Integration of forecasts into supervisory systems (Monitoring)

CalibSun offers NEXT Advanced, a forecasting service that can be seamlessly integrated through APIs into the supervisory systems of photovoltaic plants. API integration is quick, allowing for secure and smooth interaction with various supervisory systems. As a result, operators have access to irradiance and production forecasts without needing to switch interfaces. Forecasts readily available in supervisory tools make solar energy management easier, leading to more efficient and cost-effective operation of photovoltaic plants.

Planning assistance for solar energy storage management

Irradiance and production forecasts help minimize losses and increase the profitability of assets. By estimating the probabilities of energy production at various time scales, NEXT and SKY forecasting services serve as optimal decision support and planning tools. They enable the energy management system (EMS) to anticipate energy storage and discharge (load shedding) based on supply and demand. They assist in making ideal decisions regarding energy storage usage for productivity and profitability, such as when to store excess energy or when to release it.