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 Cloud modeling and impact anticipation

SKY: the most accurate tool on the market for anticipating clouds impact on photovoltaic energy production. 



Hemispherical camera network

Illustration de l'incertitude du GHI annuel

Hemispherical sky cameras for cloud formation detection

SKY offers a unique technology that allows capturing cloud images from various angles through triangulation.


CALIBSUN put a network of several hemispherical cameras at strategic locations around the photovoltaic plant. These cameras capture real-time images of approaching cloud cover that may not have been detected by satellite imagery or on-site solar irradiance sensors.

Traitement des images par intelligence artificielle

Illustration d'erreur dans la base de données satellite et calibration

Modeling Clouds to anticipate their impact

An innovative algorithm using artificial intelligence simulates the real-time speed, altitude, and opacity of cloud formations.


These data are transmitted to algorithms using artificial intelligence, capable of determining the speed of movement, altitude, and shape of clouds to simulate shading and deduce the timing and intensity of the drop in photovoltaic energy production. AI enables real-time processing of hemispheric sky images through a deep neural network to associate them with a minimum photovoltaic production level.


  • Preprocessing of camera images to extract relevant information based on the goal 
  • Selection and filtering of on-site measurements (irradiance, temperature, production, tracker monitoring)
  •  Definition and extraction of relevant and actionable data by the network Learning, generalization, and testing

Next & Sky for higher confidence rating

Illustration d'une année météorologique typique et yield report

Integrated Forecasting & Detection in EMS

Combined with the NEXT forecasting solution, the detection system is optimized by continuous and automatic data processing. It combines "in-situ" measurements and very short-term (1 to 5 minutes) hemispheric camera images with satellite images every 15 minutes over a larger area to provide forecasts with a high confidence level.

  • Secures operations by activating substitute energy sources 
  • Integratable into all EMS with alarm or automated action systems