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Use case: Hybridization without storage

Success Story : Gold Mine hybridization

Cloud detection and forecasts for BESS-free PV production in Mali

PV hybridization without storage - microgrid

CalibSun (a Solais spin-off) has successfully developed a solution combining cloud detection and forecasts for BESS-free photovoltaic production. Numerous technological challenges have been overcome for introducing photovoltaics into the microgrid at the Loulo Gold Mine.  24 MWp PV tracking units were installed to complement the 65 MW power supply generated by fossil fuel. 


 The use of power drop detection and forecasts has eliminated the need for capital investment in BESS.  The plant uses detection and forecasting models to anticipate the impact of cloud formations on production. CalibSun's solutions combine short-term forecasting (5 minutes to an hour) and observation by hemispheric cameras to provide up-to-date information on cloud formation within a 50 km radius of the photovoltaic plant.