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PV hybridization of isolated industries

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Forecasts and cloud detection for anticipating energy power drops for industrials



Off-grid & hybrid PV plants


Managing the integration of photovoltaics for off-grid or hybrid systems.

The management of off-grid or hybrid systems, which integrate alternative photovoltaic energy sources, requires precise anticipation of production fluctuations due to weather conditions. The integration of short- and medium-term solar forecasts is crucial for predicting production drops caused by cloud cover or other weather variations.


With reliable irradiance and photovoltaic production forecasts, managers of off-grid or hybrid systems can not only anticipate these variations but also ensure a constant and reliable energy supply. Ideally, a forecasting solution for multiple time horizons should be coupled with a sky observation system using hemispheric cameras capable of reliably anticipating the immediate impact of clouds on electrical production. This proactive approach is essential for maintaining uninterrupted operations, especially in environments where every change in irradiance can have a significant impact


Real-time energy production forecasts and cloud detection.

Clouds have a significant impact on solar energy production, as they can block or reduce the amount of photons reaching photovoltaic modules. With the ability to anticipate local cloud formations 15 minutes in advance and accurately analyze their impact on energy production, operators can optimize the operation of the photovoltaic plant and storage solutions, effectively adapting to weather fluctuations.


In the case of an industrial site powered by a solar plant, it is essential to predict very short-term production variations to anticipate the activation of alternative energy sources. The use of power drop detection and production forecasts can reduce the need for storage investment.