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Solar & power forecasting API



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We offer solar and power forecasts tailored to your needs.

Twelve years of research and development, in partnership with Mines Paris - PSL, have enabled us to harness the power of data science and artificial intelligence to create a cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithm, able to integrate data of different natures to generate highly accurate forecasts.


"We intelligently merge all available data to provide forecasts tailored to professionals in the photovoltaic energy sector" 
– N. Thévenin, co-fondateur. 
Irradiance and production forecasts.

NEXT provides irradiance and production forecasts for managing intermittent photovoltaic energy. With expertise in photovoltaic asset operation, NEXT accurately considers your plant configuration to provide probabilistic forecasts with high confidence levels scenarios from P95 to P5.


Our forecasting API provides highly reliable electricity production estimates, from 5 minutes to week ahead. our unique algorithm combines meteorological weather forecasts, satellite images, and on-site measurements. The forecasts are continuously optimized through machine learning.


Irradiance forecasts (horizontal and tilted irradiance) and production forecasts are directly integrated into your EMS/PMS or accessed on our customer portal. NEXT optimizes the financial and operational exploitation of photovoltaic energy and its storage.



Multiple Advantages


  • Nowcast, intraday, day & week ahead
  • NEXT Advanced: Real-time site data feedback
  • Portfolio management & virtual plant
  • SaaS (customer portal) or easy integration via API into EMS/PMS
  • Probabilistic confidence intervals


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Forecasts available within hours

Online access from anywhere in the world

Next Advanced


Integrates real-time on-site measurements

Customized, turnkey offer



NEXT provides forecasts by intelligently combining and processing 4 types of data.

The NEXT algorithm provides probabilistic forecasts with global coverage and continuously improves its accuracy.



In situ data: CalibSun can securely integrate your real-time data.

All on-site measurements can be used to refine forecasts.


NWP/Meteorological models: NEXT uses several NWP (meteorological weather forecasts). GFS, Arome, Arpege...

10 additional models under evaluation.


Satellite images: NEXT uses multiple satellites to ensure a global coverage : MSG, IODC + GOES, Himawari, MTG constellation coming soon


Site configuration: NEXT takes into account personalized plant information.

All electrical characteristics and designs can be considered.


The forecasting service that makes the difference


Use of an explainable statistical model to understand and optimize performance levels achieved for any type of configuration.



NEXT is able of making direct production forecasts scenarios with probabilistic quantiles ranging from P5 to P95.



Production information integrating multiple factors: technologies used, orientation, tracker system. 
NEXT Advanced  also use on-site data collected by a real-time supervision system (SCADA) (irradiance, production, temperature, general plant operation, etc.). 



Timestep, Frequency, Horizon, Metrics, Forecast format fully customizable from 1 site to another.
Easy integration of new models or data.


Reliable and flexible

Reliable forecasts on all time scales (nowcast, hour ahead, day ahead, week ahead), thanks to an algorithm capable of intelligently weighting information from each data source.



More energy-efficient than market solutions using Deep Learning: data processing done by a single algorithm operating without heavy and frequent learning phases with seamless (continuous) processing based on "lazy learning."


Data confidentiality

Each client retains full ownership of their data, which are only used for their benefit. NEXT allows for backtesting to analyze the past performance of your assets and easily compare its performance with other forecast providers.


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