NEXT : How it works

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Artificial Intelligence-Powered Forecasting



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Efficient Data Processing

NEXT processes slightly divergent data to increase accuracy.

The reliability of forecasts is linked to the quality of data and the ability to analyze them efficiently. NEXT uses advanced machine learning techniques to process and interpret large amounts of data through a single algorithm. NEXT intelligently handles slightly divergent data to increase accuracy.


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Continuous Updates

By continuously aligning with the latest observed measurements, it remains relevant across all time horizons, including the very short term.

CalibSun continuously feeds its forecasting algorithm with meteorological models, also known as NWP (Numerical Weather Prediction), available every 6 hours. Updated satellite images every 15 minutes and real-time on-site data collection ensure precise, updated, and reliable forecasts. It also takes into account site-specific configurations to provide electricity production forecasts.


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Production Scenarios

Through the probabilistic approach, NEXT enables the construction of more or less optimistic scenarios for your future production.

NEXT offers probabilistic confidence intervals to build scenarios ranging from optimistic to pessimistic about future production. The probabilistic approach helps plant operators, aggregators, and traders better manage the financial risks associated with fluctuations in energy production. For grid managers, the probabilistic approach assists in planning measures to maintain the stability of the electrical grid, such as regulating the energy mix or decoupling power plants.