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Solar energy trading & aggregation

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Forecasts for the optimization of energy market financial strategies




Multi-Horizon Forecasts to Optimize Market Strategies

Forecasts at various time scales, from very short-term ("nowcasting") to several days, optimize the implementation of strategies for energy traders and aggregators.


The ability to anticipate with fine temporal granularity allows for the formulation of strategies tailored to market fluctuations. Anticipating fluctuations related to weather conditions helps better manage risks, optimize energy buying and selling, and maximize profits.

Solar forecasts for energy supply and demand management.


With the increasing share of photovoltaics in the energy mix, aggregators have a growing need for accurate production forecasts.

Site-specific forecasting or through a virtual power plant for portfolio management allows for the optimal integration of solar energy, ensuring a balance between energy supply and demand. Aggregators, responsible for the balance parameter, can rely on NEXT to implement strategies to ensure network stability while maximizing the integration of solar energy into the energy mix.

Maximize profits from solar energy sales.

NEXT, the forecasting service ranging from 5 minutes to several days, allows for anticipating energy market developments influenced by supply and demand, to maximize the profitability of energy buying or selling.


Accurately anticipating the amount of energy produced by a portfolio of photovoltaic plants allows for maximizing profits. Forecasts that provide a probabilistic view of future production, with more or less positive scenarios, help navigate market volatility. By leveraging this data, traders and aggregators can optimize their buying and selling strategies, taking advantage of market fluctuations for increased financial performance.