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PV power plant management

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Forecasting to optimize photovoltaic power plant management





Tailored forecasts for photovoltaic power plants

CalibSun provides irradiance (GHI, GTI) and production forecasts directly usable by photovoltaic plant operators.

NEXT provides irradiance forecasts by combining multiple sources (weather models, satellite images) and then converts them into production forecasts. NEXT intelligently integrates all factors influencing the energy yield of a photovoltaic plant. For example, the technologies used, orientation, and the use of tracker systems.


CalibSun also offers to integrate site data, collected by a real-time supervision system (SCADA), in its NEXT Advanced offering. Taking into account on-site measurements such as irradiance, production, but also temperature, soiling, pollution, or general plant operation, increases the relevance of forecasts and improves continuous learning.


If production data is available, it is possible to predict production directly without converting from irradiance.


Integration of forecasts into supervision systems (monitoring).

NEXT, the forecast tool integrable via API into photovoltaic monitoring systems.

The integration of the NEXT forecast tool into supervision or monitoring systems is easy and quick via an API. This secure approach allows integrating NEXT effortlessly, as the sole forecast source or combining it with other providers.


With the NEXT Advanced offering, the API setup and configuration of on-site data feedback are handled by our teams. The forecasts, directly accessible in your supervision tool, facilitate solar energy management for more efficient operation and better asset management.


Planning assistance for solar energy storage management.

Irradiance and production forecasts, integrated into the EMS, help minimize losses and increase asset profitability.

By probabilistically estimating the amount of energy produced over multiple time scales, NEXT and SKY forecasting services are optimal decision support and planning tools. They enable the energy management system (EMS) to anticipate energy storage and discharge (load shedding) moments based on supply and demand. They accompany storage usage decisions ideally for productivity and profitability: when to store surplus energy or when to discharge it.