NEXT Advanced

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Next Advanced : adding real time on-site measurements for increased accuracy


Using on-site measures

Real-time use of monitoring systems

Next Advanced integrates real-time feedbacks of on-site measurements from monitoring systems.

NEXT Advanced provides highly reliable irradiance and electricity production forecasts taking into account real-time measurements from the various supervisory sensors available on site, such irradiance and temperatures sensors or real time production. 

The API pipeline between your monitoring system and our forecasting software, hosted on AWS (cloud) is using the latest standards and processes for connectivity, security and availability.

More Accurate

Accurate anticipation of short-term variability

NEXT Advanced is the forecasting API that offers improved short-term accuracy thanks to real-time data.

Meteorological models and satellite images are excellent sources of information for solar forecasting. However, their temporal and spatial resolutions are insufficient to detect very short-term cloud behavior at site level.

Measurements from the various supervisory sensors available on site provide invaluable indications of instantaneous system performance with far greater precision. NEXT Advanced is able to take them into account to constantly recalibrate forecasts on actual measurements in the event that other data sources have incorrectly anticipated short-term variability.

customizable offer

Turnkey configuration with API connection

Next Advanced is customized by our teams according to your needs and on-site constraints.

Real-time data retrieval is highly recommended to substantially improve forecasting performance over short-term horizons. This is done via secure pipelines and is included in the Next Advanced service. 

Thanks to its API system, forecasts are available directly in your supervision softwares (monitoring, PMS, EMS) to facilitate operational and strategic decision-making. 

NEXT Advanced's turnkey offer can be customized and coupled with storage management to optimize usage.