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Grid management

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Optimizing solar energy integration into the Electrical Grid



Solar forecasts for grid parameter management.

Solar forecasts enable grid operators to maximize photovoltaic energy penetration without overloading the grid or supply shortages.

Grid operators face a constant challenge: balancing energy supply and demand while maximizing the share of renewable energy on the grid. In an energy mix increasingly incorporating intermittent energy sources, grid operators need solar forecasting tools.

Thanks to multi-horizon forecasting tools, the integration of intermittent solar energy into the grid is optimized. Production planning helps avoid issues such as grid overload or supply shortages, whether at the local, regional, or national level. Thus, with irradiance and production forecasts from NEXT, operators can effectively manage the integration of energy from photovoltaic plants while maintaining grid balance.

Energy arbitrage

Maximizing the share of solar energy in the electrical grid.

Forecasting is an essential management tool to no longer be dependent on solar energy variability.

The ability to forecast photovoltaic production over multiple time horizons allows for smart energy arbitrage between different energy sources. By analyzing forecasts with scenarios of more or less optimistic production probabilities, operators anticipate solar energy production and adjust the supply of different available energy sources (nuclear, renewables, fossil fuels...).


Indeed, using a forecasting tool facilitates arbitrage between energy sources by limiting the variability issue of solar energy. Anticipating weather conditions and electricity demand helps ensure grid stability and maximize photovoltaic energy integration.


Forecasting coupled with energy storage solutions is a very relevant solution to maximize solar energy penetration into the grid. This promotes a more efficient energy transition and contributes to the successful integration of renewable energies into the energy mix.